The SITC Mixed Singles Ladder is a very low maintenance program we have created for Players who want to improve their singles tennis skills playing against a variety of opponents.


We'll be updating this page with match results so you can track where you're at online!


The goal is to promote individuals improving at tennis and playing with a variety of different players.


This is a low maintenance ladder where the only requirement is to play at least 2 matching during each sessions, which typically runs for 8-10 weeks.


There is no cost to enter, you just pay for bookings as usual.

At the end of each session the ladder is shuffled and players will move up or down rungs based on performance in that session.

This ensures you'll always be playing opponents close to your own level and keeps play fun.

The Mixed Singles Ladder is a great way to polish your singles tennis game, meet new opponents with varying tennis styles, which will help you improve your over-all game.  Join us!  How far can you climb?

For more information or to sign up contact Carmen:

Contact Carmen: 705-618-2378;