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An A-Level Ladder That Runs in 6-Week Cycles


We are using a web-based app called SportyHQ. This is used all over the world and is designed specifically for things like tennis ladders. The app is great as it will track all the scores, results, historic wins-losses, etc.

Once you finish a match you must put your results into SportyHQ.

If you're interested in joining this ladder, shoot us an email at and we can see if there's an open spot!



  • Regular Scoring, Best of 2/3 Sets, 3rd Set Tie Break to 10pts, win by 2.


  • The league is divided into divisions. Each division has 5 players


  • As a reminder, this is an ACTIVE and COMPETITIVE league. The goal is to play everyone in your division each “cycle”. Each cycle will last 6 weeks. You have 4 matches to play, in a 6-week period. You can schedule these however you’d like – all at once, one a week, whatever works!

    • We’ll start with a 6-week cycle. We can shorten or lengthen this after we see results.

    • The first cycle ends SEPTEMBER 11, 2022. This is the deadline to play 4 matches in the first cycle.


  • At the end of every match, please email the score to Noah and myself. We will update on a weekly basis and everyone will have the scores.


  • At the end of every cycle, the top 2 players in each division will move up into the next division, while the bottom 2 will move down. 1 person will stay where they are. This will create opportunities to play many different players.


  • After running 3 cycles, we will be at December 6th. At this time, we will run a single-elimination bracket tournament. The winner of this tournament will be the Season 1 champion and we’ll put that on our website and in the Club! With 25 names on the list, we will do either a 12-person bracket, or 16-person. I will communicate well in advance so everyone has time to prepare and move up the ladder.

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