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Each nominee who expressed interest, in order of submission

Angele Carriere

About Angele

  • Physiotherapist and clinic Owner of Advantage Physiotherapy and Sports Injure Clinic.

  • Board Member of Adanac Ski Club for 4 years.

Relevant Experience

  • Physiotherapist and clinic Owner of Advantage Physiotherapy and Sports Injure Clinic for 17 years.

  • Part of my board experience ar ASC was to lead a national campaign to win $ 50K from Mackenzie Investments for a new race headquarters at our ski hill.

Reasons for Wanting to Join the Board

I can hopefully help club develop and move into it's potential.

I love the sports of tennis.

Felix Tubin

About Felix

  • Currently a medical student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) here in Sudbury.

  • B. Sc. In Biomedical Biology.

Relevant Experience

  • I’ve volunteered at the local hospital (HSN) for the past three years in a few different locations, such as the cancer centre, the emergency room and the front desk.

  • Since 2021, I’ve been the Senior Sponsorship Manager at Trek for Teens Sudbury, which is a non-for-profit that raises funds and awareness for homeless youth in the area.

  • I’ve also spent the past few summers as a companion at Camp Quality Northern Ontario. This year I also joined Camp Quality’s organizing committee during the year to help plan and organize the Camp for the following yea

Reasons for Wanting to Join the Board

I’ve really enjoyed my time playing at the SITC over the past few years, and I think this is a great opportunity to give back and further the needs of the Club.


On top of that, I think that the Club is currently in a unique opportunity with the chance to experience a lot of growth, and I’m passionate about getting involved in that process and furthering the vision of all the members.


Alongside other board members, I’d also want to continue growing the involvement at the club, whether that be through creative outreach events, or internal events like tournaments or member nights.


Through this position, one of my priorities would be to hear from you all! I want to make sure that the board is furthering the vision of all the members that have dedicated a lot of time to the SITC and continue to push for the best interest of the Club.

Jean Noël Desmarais

About Jean Noël 

  • Law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, M.B.A. degree from Schulich School of Business. Completing continuing education in tax through CPA Canada.

  • Non-voting board member at L'Arche Sudbury, legal researcher for the Trout Lake campers association, president of university student club.

Relevant Experience

  • Lawyer at Baker Tilly SNT, practicing in Tax, Corporate, and Estates and Trust law.

  • Non-voting board member of L'Arche,

Reasons for Wanting to Join the Board

I want to give back to my community and support an important local institution such as SITC. I want to practice good governance at the SITC to see the club thrive in the long term.

Through my legal education and experience in law, I can particularly bring value to the board in the areas of governance and by bringing legal perspective to issues at the SITC. I have gathered some experience in my law practice working with non-for-profits

Richard Catahan

About Richard

  • Tennis Coach for Adrian Catahan (Men's 5.0 Nationally ranked #1 doubles and #3 Singles). ITIL Certified and Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert in Canada and the US.

Relevant Experience

  • Previous Professional Tennis player.

Reasons for Wanting to Join the Board

To promote Sudbury Tennis to serious young players in Canada.

Because it's awesome.

Hugo Pino

About Hugo

  • Master Business Administration degree.

  • Financial Analyst – Cote Gold.

Relevant Experience

  • I have played in numerous international and National tournaments which have given me a very broad view of the championships, infrastructure and methods to help improve the tennis club and popularize tennis even more in Sudbury.

Reasons for Wanting to Join the Board

I would like to share my knowledge and experience that I’ve gained playing tennis in different countries for many years. I want to bring the best international practices to the club.

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